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Adios Gaming.

I made the decision a little while ago to step away from the world of gaming so that I could concentrate better on my writing and get more books out. For a moment, I thought maybe I made a wrong decision and forgot about it for a while, in case I made a bad call. This week, I became aware of some concerning news that made me realise I was on the right path (for me only, each to their own of course) with the choice I had made.

The first bit of news came regarding EA and Battlefront 2, one game I was so glad I had never purchased. The fuss that was kicked up over this game, the poor reviews, customer feedback, and their eventual climbdown was amusing to watch from the comfort of my armchair. Then came the reports that EA (apparently) is quietly backing away from the game and repurposing the folks who worked on it to other projects. I feel so bad for people that paid a lot of money for this game, I really do, but this is EA we are talking about. Nobody should have been surprised about t…

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